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Want to make sure the garage doesn’t rip you off? Follow these essential tips.

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With an increase in technology in the modern vehicle, owners are finding it more difficult to judge what the problem is when their car breaks down. Years ago it could be put down to a tank low in fuel, a faulty battery or a problem aided by the trusty jump lead. However now problems need to be identified by hi-spec mechanics which can charge a hi-spec price.

Research from Warranty Direct showed hourly costs hitting £92 in some areas of the UK.

With these increasing prices, what can drivers do to make sure they are getting the best deal?

Shop around for the best garage

Check the internet for the best deals and make sure you have left no stone unturned. You could be surprised at the prices you find online. Online shopping sites such as groupon also have deals on occasion for car garages so keep an eye out.


Buy a Haynes Manual for the model and make of your car. It can highlight faults and let you know if that fault needs to been taken to a garage. It could save you a lot of money and time if you can fix the problem yourself.


When you are quoted a price investigate and find out if that is everything included. Will you have to pay extra for parts? Added costs could shock you so make sure you know everything before shaking hands.

Are you guaranteed

It is vital you find out if your are guaranteed. Negotiate a one year guarantee for your car so its there fault is there is a problem and you can be sure it will be fixed.

Get educated

Ask the mechanic to talk you through what they are going to do. If you know exactly what’s happening you can research and make sure you are not being ripped off. Mechanics won’t mind you asking questions if they are legit and if they won’t tell you take your business elsewhere.


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