Our Service

Your customers deserve the very best service. Motor Answering is the solution.

Here for you 24/7

Customers want to feel valued and that means answering every call and query they have. At Motor Answering, we help you to make your customers your top priority, by minimising phone interruptions and maximising customer service — literally adding hours to your day. Our upbeat professional team are educated about customer service and your industry, trained to handle challenging situations and supported by cutting-edge technology.

Saving you money

By reducing the need to hire more staff to answer busy ringing phones, our contact centre teams can reduce your costs too.

Increasing your motor answering team means increasing the time and money spent on advertising, recruiting, retaining, training and managing new staff — not to mention extra office space. With Motor Answering, you get the same high quality service, at a lower cost.

Customer service hotline

Typically, only very large motor businesses have the resource to efficiently manage call centres and provide a dedicated customer service. Motor Answering can not only enhance larger businesses, but we can also level the playing field for small and medium sized business that want to compete with larger operations.

Key Facts

  • 85% of first time callers don’t call back if their call is unanswered, they simply call someone else
  • 1 in 3 dealerships don’t answer their phone within 3 rings, leaving callers waiting for a response
  • The average caller spends 300 days of their life on hold, getting frustrated and irritated