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Insurance Experts Warn : No Black Box, No Insurance!

Posted by: admin | Posted on: June 4th, 2014 | 0 Comments

Insurance experts have warned that owners of older cars, may be refused insurance, if they do not install Black Box technology within the next ten years.

Black Box technology, alternatively known as telematics has been introduced as it includes a tracking device, letting emergency services find vehicles more efficiently. The technology also tracks where motorists have travelled, the speed in which they were driving and the way in which they control the car.

Although many road safety campaigners have welcomed the new technology there has been negative feelings from motorists surrounding their right to privacy. Drivers are worried that the telematics may be used for alternative motives if fallen into the wrong hands.

However these drivers have been warned that if they decide against having the box fitted, they may be have to pay considerably more or even be refused an insurance policy.

Road safety campaigners are hoping that the device will help reduce the number of car accidents and deaths on the roads. They believe that drivers will be more careful if the technology is fitted due to the their driving being monitored. If the box detects reckless driving the motorists may have to pay a higher insurance price.

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