January 1st, 2017

Buyers put off by too many questions

When enquiring or buying online, customers can be put off by the need to register as they feel like they are asked too many questions.
It was revealed through a survey conducted by digital payment expert Skrill, that 38% of people would not complete the process if a website asked for registration before being able to progress to the site.

This is not aimed at the motoring market however the research does mean that dealerships will need to review the strategy on their website and ensure that they are not driving customers away.

The first point of interaction between a dealership and a customer will usually be the website, so it needs to be customer friendly.

Further research from the survey showed that if a website was too slow or crashed, 43% of people left the site. 25 % of people would leave a website if they felt like it was not safe or secure. 32% did not like being asked too much information and a further 14% said that they left it all together if they realised that the website was not UK based.

Taking these into consideration it is essential for dealerships to ensure that their website is updated regularly and is a welcoming environment for browsers and customers.